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Terra Luna 2 Coming In May 27 For Airdop (How To Take Airdrop) Luna 2

Terra Luna 2 Coming In May 27 For Airdop 

An important move for Terra Luna, which lives with its version 2.0, which was available on testnet from yesterday and will be in the official version on May 27th. The rebirth seems to be successful, though there are more than a few common complaints and some projects decided to abandon them.

The fact is, however, that we are slowly moving away from Airdrop's new token system (which we will have to talk about) and head straight to the tournament, or counting who will be, who will not be, who will be lost and instead who will have gained from all this absurdity. However, with one certainty: there will be no more stable algorithmic stablecoin, just as there will be no more news, news arrived a few hours ago, even with Lido Finance.

All of this is also compounded by a potentially critical position in relation to Do Kwon, who is in the middle of a storm and likely to have both Korean institutions and angry investors on their necks who will try everything before quitting. And with a visit from the taxpayer.

Lido Finance will not be part of Terra 2

We will call it Terra 2, although perhaps the exact name by which a Terra Luna fan will be different, tries to make people forget at some point that the predecessor ever existed. The first important niet from the ecosystem has arrived. Lido Finance, a favorite of many professional shillers, voted for its natural management system. There are not many so Lido will not transfer to the new Terra Luna series. The new chain, we emphasize, because it will by no means be an old sequence, but a series of brand new blocks.

Ddio Lido Finance, and many other projects instead decided to support the change of the new chain, which will also include the release of new tokens, the so-called Terra Luna, as opposed to the Terra Classic, which will be a series of "older generation", or rather, the sad ones. due to UST depeg.

Do Kwon denies media coverage of the trade

Did Kwon go back to speaking on Twitter and doing so by denying news that started airing a few hours ago, in connection with his alleged commitment to Korean trade move to the new token list as soon as possible.

What the ecosystem leader strongly denies, in his honesty, is that, however, reading the comments does not seem to be too high. However, this is not the most interesting aspect of what comes up close to his person. From the lawsuit filed by a well-known Korean law firm to various UST investors who are ready to fight those who have made a network without arrogance.

Meanwhile, anyone who had come to his house to knock on his door to ask him for an explanation, and in the live broadcast without the touch of a personal advertisement, would have been arrested. Although we fear he will not be the last to want to be seen in this unbelievable story.

Airdrop: what do we know now?

What we do know now is that LUNA $ owners should actually be rewarded before the UST attack. Or rather, that this will get a large amount of new currency, though perhaps in moderation the deal could have been made by those who bought at prices. According to @ orbitalcommand's distribution we could have had it.

1: 1 to those who caught Luna before the attack

1: 0.033 of those who held AUST before the attack

1: 0.000015 for those who bought $ LUNA after the attack

1: 0.013 for those who bought UST after the attack

A program that will delight many and may even make them less attractive. But this is what can be done with dried proverbial figs left in the hands of the Foundation and the project. Hope everybody can get at least some of the losses that have accumulated among the biggest disasters in crypto history.

TIMELY NOTE: 30 percent reduction will be received on May 27 and more continuously over the next 2 years. Airdrop will also be in a binding condition, so it will take 21 days of canonical to receive it.

What is not really known is how trustworthy Do Kwon is

Although several projects have decided to try their luck with this relaunch, the real unknown will remain the legitimacy of Do Kwon, to rebuild from scratch and which will be very difficult to restore, especially after the outbreak of these standards.

A few deviations from the Lido Finance style will continue to come and many projects will fail to work again. But for those left with bags full of $ LUNA (older generation) this is the best you can get. Support from trading will have to be considered: it does not mean that everyone is willing to accept Do Kwon's tithe business.

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