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Biggest Crypto XMR and SOL Higher on Monday

 Despite BTC and ETH trading declining on Monday, several cryptocurrencies were able to climb higher to start the week. XMR was one of the biggest climbers, solana also went up during the session.

Monero (XMR)

XMR was one of the biggest beneficiaries on Monday, as prices rose by about $ 20 from lower prices during Sunday's session.

Following a low price of $ 128.00 on Sunday, XMR / USD met an intraday peak of $ 174.62 to start the trading week.

Monday's peak came as prices rose four times in a row, rising for about a week in the process.

With these high at the start of the day, XMR is now trading slightly below the $ 173.00 level, as the bullish strength decreases as the day progresses.

The 14-day RSI is currently trading at its resistance level, below 43.14, and if it breaks, we could see XMR break resistance for the first time since March.

When this happens, prices may be closer to the $ 200 region. The monero point he last received eight days ago.

Solana (SOL)

Following three consecutive gains of profits, SOL was also high to start the week, yet prices dropped as the day progressed.

On Sunday, SOL / USD ended the trading day with $ 53, and reached a peak of $ 58.88 at the start of Monday's session.

Since then, prices have dropped, and as of SOL is currently trading at $ 52.32, which is close to the one-week low.

SOL / USD - Daily Chart

Overall, SOL fell more than $ 100 since the beginning of April, and prices fell below $ 35 last Thursday.

If you look at the chart, the 14-day Relative Strength Index is now tracking 33.26, just slightly below the roof of 36.

Bulls are likely to try to push prices up to $ 70, if the price strength exceeds the current barrier on the RSI.

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