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Best Crypto Airdrops: Top 3 not to be missed

 Are you interested in investing in the best crypto airdrops? Are you curious to know which crypto airdrop is the best? Do you want detailed information about the best online trading platforms to buy them?

1) Lucky Block

Lucy Block is a digital currency based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a blockchain provided to Binance recently used by new developers in the industry. This particular type of blockchain stands out for its lightness and simplicity.

Lucky Block was born with a very simple idea: to create a transparent and easy-to-use lottery prize system. Switching to algorithms that are centralized, and often unfounded, of online gaming systems with a completely separate and global protocol.

A small project as it innovates, put on the road map to participate It is not an easy online lottery, therefore, but another indication that the use of blockchain technology is able to expand sector horizons and transform it into a service. that not only works but also can be even more useful and legitimate.

Clearly, despite Lucky Block's main goal being to create a global online gaming system, there is no shortage of opportunities for guessing and investing. Purchasing Lucky Blocks not only allows you to benefit from token price changes but also opens the door to installing LBLOCKs.

Once the pre-sale phase is over, the network will install the blockchain scratch card system, which is characterized by the transparency and security principles outlined above.

Believing in this cryptocurrency project would certainly be a good decision. In the future, if the project has vendor support, metaverse integration into Lucky Block is possible. The project could expand into the world of online games and create an NFT Lucky Block market place. projects and facts applicable to the creation of NFT and metering.

Why is Lucky Block one of the best crypto airdrops?

Easy: the ecosystem provides an automatic reward system for LBLOCK token holders. This type of airdrop is not intended for any activity but provides a 10% distribution of each prize pool among LBLOCK token holders.

Airdrop is therefore not limited to the introductory phase which, if properly planned, leads to attractive benefits both in the short and long term. The team already expects to expect at least 19.2% annual return on its LBLOCK budget.

2) PulseChain

PulseChain is one of the most discussed and awaited cryptocurrensets on the web. This is a project created by Richard Heart, previously involved in the Hex token, which aims to improve certain Ethereum features.

In short, Ethereum blockchain hardfork. This segmentation allowed the creation of a blockchain that retains the benefits of the Ethereum ecosystem but, at the same time, made it possible to accelerate the transformation of the Proof-of-Stake protocol. The goal is obviously to reduce commission costs and further accelerate transactions.

The input chain is more powerful and more energy efficient, and as a result it becomes a much cheaper network. This is the basic feature that makes this cryptocurrency so appealing.

But what does it mean that PulseChain was born as an Ethereum hardfork?

This means that PulseChain will copy the existing ERC20 tokens from the Ethereum blockchain and use them on its own network, precisely PulseChain. This is done through the direct use of the PoS block validation protocol, skipping various evolutionary steps and the stages ETH ecosystem goes through.

All PulseChain token holders will have pulse points that will be converted to a specific symbol, Pulse (PLS). This remains an ERC20 token, fully compatible with the various Dapps-born Ethereum blockchain and, nonetheless, highly competitive in terms of transaction costs.

How does the Pulsechain airdrop work?Below we summarize the main steps:

As soon as the hardfork becomes legal, all owners of ERC20 tokens or NFTs in Ethereum will be able to participate in the network.

By converting your ERC20 or NFT tokens to PulseChain (conversion rate 1: 1) you will be able to access the airdrop application.

With the help of other activities (perhaps natural advertising) you will be able to reach many awards. The official price of PulseChain is about $ 30,000 in tokens.

The top 5 participants in the network will receive prizes worth $ 3,000.

Note: to participate in PulseChain airdrop, therefore, it is required that you already carry the ERC20 token wallet.

3) Swaraj

We can describe Swaraj as an extended Metaverse ecosystem, which allows its investors to claim authority over their assets, without any restrictions applied in this regard.

Not surprisingly, the word "Swaraj" means "autonomy" or "autonomy" in the Sanskrit language. Therefore, to maintain the spirit of its meaning, Swaraj aims to provide a place of creativity and freedom for its users.

This way you will be able to create an engaging and supportive experience with this unique Metaverse version.

This is particularly interesting as the continued growth of the gaming industry (valued at $ 135 billion), combined with the significant increase in NFT, creates the perfect atmosphere to promote massive Metaverse growth, hence projects like those of Swaraj.

Remembering the pillars of this project, namely independence and freedom, it is possible that in the future the construction and development of many microverses within a network will be internally supported.

NFT, as we know, is the key to Metaverse. Having a large number of NFT Swaraj available will be a good idea in the future, with the potential to make a very high profit.

For this reason, we can consider Swaraj one of the most promising crypto airdrops of 2022. Certainly, considering the strength of the project itself, we can regard it as one of the favorites to be the best crypto airdrop.

But how to participate in Swaraj airdrop?

Compared to the PulseChain airdrop, one Swaraj is even faster:

Open ERC20 wallet;

Connect the wallet to Swaraj and sign up for the airdrop program;

Complete activities required by the forum (especially natural advertising);

The prize pool is $ 10,000 for Swataj tokens, which are evenly distributed among the 100 airdrop winners;

The prizes won by the tokens will be deposited in your ERC20 fund.

At this point Swaraj tokens can be exchanged for other tokens in Huobi or stored to bet potential cryptocurrency information.

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