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Aidrop Terra Luna 2 | Here are which exchanges will support it

  Aidrop Terra Luna 2

The story of Terra Luna 2 continues to catch on. Only yesterday we explained how this change should take place and that the rights will be obtained by those in charge of what will be the $ LUNC, or Luna Classic.

24 hours after the arrival of the new mainnet, the crypto exchange should really start to decide which side to take and decide whether to support the new chain or not. The decision, for various reasons which we will analyze in our in-depth analysis, is difficult.

The situation is, of course, with those investors in Terra Luna following very closely, both before and after the crash, because future income linked to the project will likely exceed the trade support and the chance of a return. without injury.

Let's take a look at what the big names in the industry are like, what their decisions will be and rely on them for days to come. Or if it will be possible to try to restore our old Terra Luna and try to find airdrop elsewhere.

The exchange begins to take sides: what will happen tomorrow?

Tomorrow should be the big day, the return of Terra Luna to version 2, the last chance for the ecosystem to return to something and not die. A difficult situation, with endless disputes and many waiting for the airdrop to happen a few times, without giving away any quick cash.In this context, trading will play an important role, which will need to determine whether it is based on performance and therefore with future aidrop. Almost all of the most important ones have already said they are willing to support, some, however, are still at the door.

Binance and Huobi

Two trades resulting from the same identity should support the movement, at least in terms of what they have already proven through their Twitter accounts. Or rather, the Italian party account, which first appeared a few days ago, showed the public's willingness to support the reincarnation program. We don't have any details about the operation yet, but an important authorization. has publicly created a wait-and-see attitude. He said sitting at the window, even though everything would suggest a good solution to the event.

Our team monitors the Earth ecosystem Revival Plan 2 and liaises with the Earth team to find the next aidrop. We will provide updates once the plans are confirmed. The safety of our users is our first priority.

A long presentation on what should be a mandatory step, unless you want to deal with a real revolt from users who will need to get aidrop support for this step.

How to behave with airdrop terraluna 2.0?

In the meantime, the exchanges that will certainly support the move will look like Binance, in a state of constant complexity and where we will continue to update in the next few hours.

We will do this through our official Twitter account and through our website. To be clear, we are sorry, it is almost impossible to have such a development plan and the period between the adoption of the plan and the airdrop will be only a few hours.

The other question remains: is it okay with aidrop, but will the new token ever be able to reach exciting price levels? It is difficult to say at this time, as confidence in the ecosystem has stagnated, despite the fact that several projects have vowed to be faithful to the new study.

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